An Everyday Device That Is Harmful To Our Health

Refrigerator, vacuum cleaner or maybe a microwave. Are you grateful to have these devices because they make your life easier? What if they could make it worse by harming your health?

Compared to our ancestors, it has gotten a bit easier on certain things. or not? While we can only dream of technologies that make cooking, cleaning, washing or storing food easier, we use them every day without it seeming miraculous or unnatural. But is owning modern gadgets really such a big burden? You probably can’t fully tell either. They say we boycott health! What are the supposed risks?

The Refrigerator As An Enemy?

In them we store fruits, vegetables, meats, cooked foods, beer and wine. What would we do without a refrigerator, right? But have you heard that this appliance is among the dirtiest things in the whole house ? On the contrary, the toilet is also a model of hygiene. really! Since the disinfection of the refrigerator is neglected so much, thousands of bacteria live in it, contaminating its edible contents. Not to mention, older model refrigerators release chlorofluorocarbons, overexposure to which can affect the central nervous system and cause dizziness, headaches, muscle spasms and irregular heartbeat, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. . (two). What else hurts us?

Even The Vacuum Cleaner Has A Dark Side.

Do you clean your house regularly because you think you can easily get rid of dust, dirt and allergens? Well of course we all do. But it is clearly wrong and completely useless. According to scientists , the vacuum cleaner “sucks in” allergen-causing dust and dirt, but immediately spits them into the air, which can spread various infections. So is this helper doing more harm than good? So it seems!

Danger In The Form Of Microwaves

In recent years, microwave ovens have also found themselves in the imaginary bowl. While some opinions warn that its use destroys not only hot food, but also health, for which microwave radiation is to blame, others argue that this is complete nonsense. So what are you leaning towards? It is said that a lot depends on what dish it is being heated in. Ideally, these containers should definitely not be made of plastic, which releases harmful and carcinogenic chemicals due to high temperatures .

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