CARLINHOS MAIA Exhibits a Car Valued at R$ 700 Thousand on the Web and Celebrates: “Show Victory”

Influencer drew attention by offering a luxury car on the Internet

Influencer Carlinhos Maia, 31, took to Instagram, where he has more than 26.3 million followers, to show off his new achievement: the R$700,000 Corvette Stingray R.

In the social network, he shows off his orange luxury car and stands shirtless on the beach, wearing a tank top and also a leather jacket, already in his garage.

“We have to learn to brag about victories much more than we regret failures,” he said.

Upon seeing the post, many people complimented and congratulated the comedian: “Incredible,” said Lucas Fernández. “And that Corvette over there?” Fuek replied. Felipe Tito commented: “Good order… I doubt he’ll say it.” “Is it Brian?” MC Gui joked.

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