Do it Yourself! Ideas to Decorate the House in Cuba without Falling into the Same

And if the ball is rolling, there are people who get together to watch the games. To ensure a lively atmosphere, nothing better than decorating the house to receive friends.

The good news is that no one has to limit themselves to the ubiquitous green and yellow flags.
Then a team of professionals offers tips to bring more grace to any environment.

In addition, we give you practical ideas to inspire you.

Bet on Balloons

Bet on Balloons

Incredible balloons, feel free to bet on this idea. But there is another, much easier way to explore approved balloons for ceiling decoration. It is possible to make designs (such as the Brazilian flag), simply by superimposing the main colors or even customizing the balls.

According to content creator Gisele Guedes, better known as Buba DIY, there are two ways to adopt this decoration. The first is the use of helium gas which ensures that the balloons float, simply by using ribbons at the end for a more cheerful effect.

In the absence of special gas, conventional grouting can be used, using small pieces of double-sided tape or even bodybuilder’s tape (making a “roll” to join the sides) that allows the ball to stick to the ceiling.

If you have single-color balloons on hand, the suggestion is to give them a fresh look with gooey balls on the outside. “If the balloon is blue, you can adopt the yellow label and ribbon. And if it’s yellow, just decorate it with another color,” explains Giselle.

Decorative Walls

Every corner of the house can, or rather should, receive a special decoration, resulting in good “wallpapers” for group photos. It is worth covering the entire height of the walls or betting on boards that occupy half of the section.

An easy way to do this is to assemble creative wire clotheslines. “You can use a curtain rod to secure it,” says Buba DIY. or simply glue the wires side by side with double-sided tape, creating the effect of a waterfall;

Decorative Walls

It is worth cutting out stars, hexagons, balls or any other shapes from offset paper, of different sizes, and fasten them with a nylon thread. Chains of loops made from thin paper (a colorful bow is good) also create an eye-catching effect.

To add grace to any product, another idea is to hang wires from small lanterns (Christmas lamps) between decorative poles; they even go between strips of crepe paper and are so easy to make.

Flowers and Fruits

The bet of the do it yourself is up to collecting flowers and fruits. In the group of plants there are dozens of possibilities, due to the large number of yellowish flowers – roses, gerberas, chrysanthemums, chrysanthemums, sunflowers and tulips.

For green, you don’t need to think too much about alternatives, but gardener Dayana Devitt of Rio Plantas suggests using the Brazilian croton bush, which mixes green and yellow. “It’s impossible to be more Brazilian than that!” she says. “It can be used in small vases to decorate the house.”

Fruits also make interesting arrangements and combinations for those who want something unpredictable. Green apple, pear, guava, carambola, orange, lemon (Tahiti and Sicily), loquat, physalis are options that bring the colors of Brazil naturally to tables and sideboards. “You can put yellow and green fruits in a fruit bowl and place them on the coffee table or on the side of the sofa,” suggests architect Christian Schiavon.

In fact, citrus fruits, whole or cut, can be used at the base of the vases, which guarantees a very interesting look.

And in the absence of vases, empty wine bottles are a great fixer, says landscaper Rayra Lira of J. Lira Green Life. To go with it, she recommends yellow shrimp twigs, allamanda and gold carp.

Flowers and Fruits

Whiteboard for Marker

How about writing down how many goals each team scored, as well as the playwrights? To do this, designer Eileen González, from UM Arquititura de Entreres, suggests improvising a personal blackboard.

Whiteboard for Marker

“Just choose the wall of your choice, clean it and apply your paint,” he explains. But you can also use a mobile whiteboard, which is often used as a children’s toy.

The mini-board is also used to record bets and pools, and is a typical game on match days. Oh! Green and/or yellow chalk ensures a more pleasant touch when stepped on.

Scented Candles

Scented Candles

Can you imagine making a beautiful decoration while ensuring a delicious smell at home? Aromatherapy candles, which are not difficult to prepare, are Ellen González’s bet, as they add additional charm to the decoration. “Go for different sizes and explore yellow, gold, blue and even green,” she says.

Funny Signs

Since photos are a must, another literal alternative is to make fun boards with various phrases for guests to take photos of themselves during the games. You can write “Gooooool”, “The Cup is ours” and “Come on, Brazil! ‘ and ‘She already won’ and ‘She’s the champion! Buba DIY suggests.

The Details are Too Small

Details are Too Small

Thinking about home decoration to play in good company includes simple ideas that guarantee subtle and elegant results. Have you ever thought of placing thin satin ribbons on pairs of cutlery? The final appearance is pleasing to the eye.

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