Football is Fashion: Meet the Stars of the “Fashion” World Cup

The World Cup, the biggest sporting event of the year, has already begun, but great footballers don’t just get information about what they do on the pitch. In the fashion market, for example, athletes are increasingly present in campaigns, activities, events and even in the front row of fashion shows of famous brands.

Anderson Gurgill, professor of sports marketing at McKenzie Presbyterian University, explains.

He’s from Brazil…

Among the stars of the Brazilian team is the number 10, Neymar Jr. The Paris Saint-Germain player does not hide his passion for fashion, and was recently in the front row of the Jean Paul Gaultier fashion show in the Week of the High Paris Couture.

In addition, the ace shows that he is not afraid to dare with his looks, and for this occasion he chose a vibrant yellow leather jacket, white pants and white shirt from the French brand, from its Spring / Summer 2015 collection.

On her feet, she drew more attention wearing low-top sneakers from the Balmain brand, valued at R$10,000.

The team of Brazilian fashion designers also includes Vini Junior, who already at 22 years old shows strong alliances with Nike, Dolce & Gabbana and Gaga Milano. To celebrate his birthday at the party marathon, for example, Vini wore a white tuxedo suit by Dolce & Gabbana Magnificent, inspired by the 70s and double-breasted in elastic wool, valued at R $ 14,000.

The piece encompasses all aspects of a man who would become a symbol of an eccentric and optimistic lifestyle.”

Among the veterans of the ball court -and by appearance- also Daniel Alves, who was already known for his grandiloquent style. At 39 years old, he does not skimp on colorful looks, rich in details and textures, as well as accessories with a unique and dystopian style. Daniel defines his style as “bold and distinctive” and is a great admirer of brands like Dolce & Gabbana and Balmain, always in the front row of the parades.

For the “show” during the World Cup in Qatar, the Brazilian delegation will use custom pieces adapted to the hot desert climate of the region, exclusively designed by designer Ricardo Almeida.

Based on extensive research into technical and urban references from the World Cup host country, the garments worn by the players seek to unite style and comfort, such as the classic open-weave lightweight cotton scarf, similar to men’s scarves Qatar. For a Brazilian touch, in addition to the Brazil national team coat of arms on the suit, the lining features a paisley print made from viscose and cultural elements from both countries and football.

Stylish Stars

Sidelined by injury even before his World Cup debut, current Ballon d’Or owner Karim Benzema is also known for his unique, elegant and rich style that blends street style with a sophisticated edge, and has influenced more than 60 million people. Followers in social networks.

For the “France Football” magazine award, the French athlete chose to honor his music idol, the late rapper Tupac. The look consisted of a classic black Fendi tuxedo, a white shirt with a black collar accessory, and gold sunglasses.

The jewelry is a spectacle in itself and she opted for the Tiffany T1 bracelet, which is crafted in 18k rose gold and encrusted with 190 diamonds all over the outside. In addition, the piece contains diamonds with a weight of 4.08 carats and a value of 33 thousand dollars (about 174 thousand Brazilian reais). Setting the diamonds on the piece took 16 hours of work by Tiffany artisans.

Son Heung-min, a South Korean player and left winger for English club Tottenham Hotspur, is Burberry’s latest ambassador. A South Korean icon, Son strives to mix tailored pieces with striped and basic tees, as well as jeans with tees and rugged winter coats, now from the British brand. In the summer, he announces that shorts, a t-shirt, and slippers are his summer uniform.

England striker Dominic Calvert-Lewin wants to break stereotypes, but admits his style can be “a bit different”, drawing inspiration from his father. The player’s rise in fashion is attributed in part to designer Harry Lambert, known for his work with Harry Styles. This is because Lambert helped Dominic secure a presence in the ranks of major brands, as well as a space in the pages of major fashion magazines.

Dominique is seen wearing Dior hats and often carrying a Chanel bag from his private collection of photographs.

Current Barcelona striker and substitute for the Netherlands, Memphis Depay is known for admiring bold looks and big eye-catching prints, like heavy gold-edged jackets and tasseled jackets by Saint Laurent.

In addition, it does not do without the monochrome look of Louis Vuitton and Wellington boots. As a fashionista, Memphis has her own line called “Memphis Depay Clothing,” but unlike her style, it’s more understated, featuring everyday items like hoodies, t-shirts, and jackets.

Mug Packed with Many Designers

In order to store the FIFA World Cup™, valued at more than £15 million, neatly and safely, Louis Vuitton has become the official supplier of bags to the World Cup.

And now, in the name of fashion, two great football rivals and holders of innumerable Ballon d’Ors, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, come together for the French brand’s new campaign, in an old-fashioned chess classic under the command of the famous game Handmade trunk.

Previously, LV was in charge of uniting other great football legends: Pelé, Zidane and Maradona in an advertising campaign during the World Cup in South Africa.

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