Healthy Habits From Around The World For A Better Day

The Dutch bike everywhere, the French generally don’t eat at work, and the Finns walk with sticks. And all these countries can spread joy! Are you also inspired by them?

Everyday life puts a lot of pressure on us. Your challenges are endless! Whether it is work, relationships, family matters, health or finances, there is always something that can throw us out of our mental balance. But it is not necessary! Incorporating good habits into our regular daily schedule allows us to take control of our peace and well-being. But what habits should you adopt? Inspiration can be truly global. How about sliding your finger across the map to these places?

Finland Is All About Nordic Walking

Finland offers many wonderful and attractive things. We can name, for example, epic landscapes, saunas or extensive lakes. There is such a relaxed atmosphere that the locals are statistically among the happiest people on the planet. How they did it? Regular walking with a cane or Nordic walking can be the secret. A recent Canadian study¬† showed that this activity improves functional capacity, as well as the ability to perform challenging daily tasks. It’s worth noting that you can get specialty clubs both online and at a sporting goods store. Its price ranges from a few hundred crowns to several thousand. What else can you do?

All Like The French

How is your lunch when you are at work? Will you be bringing microwaved food, soggy toast, or leftovers from last night’s dinner to the designated room? You won’t be praised for that in France. In fact, labor law there explicitly prohibits employees from eating in the workplace. The focus here is on changing the environment, which is said to boost optimism, creativity, and productivity. So if you can, enjoy your lunch outside or somewhere else, especially outside of work !

Travel Like A Dutch

The Dutch were famous not only for windmills, tulips, and wooden shoes, but also for cycling . Nearly 30 percent of all trips are made using this mode of transportation, no matter where they go. It is well documented that physical activity is the best antidote to stress because it literally burns off stress chemicals. Not to mention, it stimulates the production of endorphins. Don’t you want to dust off your bike and go for a little ride?

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