Hospitals Use State-Of-The-Art CT Scans To Screen For Lung Cancer, And Hundreds of Smokers Have Been Tested This Year.

In the Czech Republic, 900 patients were evaluated by low-dose computed tomography as part of early detection of lung cancer. This is confirmed by data received from radiological workplaces participating in the examination. It began in January of this year and is for people between the ages of 55 and 74 who are current or long-term smokers. At the Na Homolce Hospital in Prague, they use a new generation of CT scanners.

“The new tomography device provides better quality data in less time and with a lower radiation dose,” explains Josef Fiemsal, Head of Radiodiagnosis. According to him, it is reduced to an absolute minimum.

The patient to be scanned enters a tunnel similar to an MRI. “But it’s not a large tunnel in comparison. It’s short, which means that even claustrophobic patients shouldn’t be afraid of the exam,” adds Phimsazel.

The CT results are then evaluated by the radiodiagnostic specialist Martin Horak. He describes what he sees in front of him: “On computer screens, I look at the lungs with multiple views, specifically in this patient there is spheroid deposition in the left lung.”

“I think it will be a malignant tumor. Now it is 4.5 cm and within a year it can be 8 cm. The patient starts to have difficulty breathing, he will have other difficulties and it is already too late.” for a complete cure. At this time, the tumor is located only in the lung parenchyma, and I think there is a good chance that it will resolve,” explains Horak.

Symptom-Free Period

In case of a positive result, the patient will undergo a bronchoscopy examination. This is done in the room, doctors examine the airways using what is called a bronchoscope. “We also use other tools for this, because the bronchi branch in different ways and this is where a lot of results come in,” says pulmonologist and head of the internal department of Na Homolce Pavel Hrouda.

“During a bronchoscopy we use, for example, an ultrasound to target where there is a positive result and obtain tissue. If we confirm that there is indeed a high suspicion of lung cancer and the patient can tolerate the procedure, then a surgical solution is offered. ” “.

Some of the patients in the surgical department of the hospital are the ones who have been examined. This was confirmed by the Chief of Surgery, Ronald Pospichel, but added that so far these cases are isolated. “The problem with lung cancer is that there’s a long period of time when patients don’t have symptoms that lead doctors to a diagnosis,” he says.

That is why, according to Pospíšil, it is important to find patients who are at risk. Therefore, it is very important to actively search for high-risk patients such as smokers, as well as patients with chronic lung diseases. Detecting it only in the early stages gives the patient hope for treatment and long-term survival.”

According to the Institute for Health Information and Statistics, 6,600 patients with malignant lung diseases increase every year in the Czech Republic.

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