I Already Hated the Apartment, I Changed Everything and Today it’s just a Passion: “I Made Peace With it”

When Anna Carolina Correa Lima Vitoza arrived at this department 20 years ago, she had an unpleasant relationship with him. “I couldn’t stand living here,” she recalls. But what happened to turn this into a passion? She, a law graduate, unknowingly embarked on a journey that led her to this answer.

“I always wanted to study design,” she laughs. Passionate about small home transformations, every time she sees that her money is running out, the creativity in Do It Yourself overflows. And a path opened his eyes to something bigger: the relationship with the country could be strengthened through these small but constant changes.

“A while ago I dedicated myself to reconnecting with my department, made peace with it and saw the potential that I had there. And I found that ‘okay or not’ was a reflection of me,” she says. After that, a postgraduate degree in architecture was added to other studies and I practically realized that everything would be a matter of making efforts to make this the best place in the world.

“All of that led me to tell my story on the walls and in the items here. Today, anyone who walks in knows us just by looking at our decor,” he says, pointing to folk art, paintings and other still-important references to his life.

Carpe Diem

He laughs: “I’ve learned that when you leave it for tomorrow, it will be five years and you don’t do it.” It is painful to access this lesson. The kitchen itself, “was awful” according to Anna, was in need of a bit of updating which was always put off for later. It was enough for the influencer to be interested in showing the apartment on the video channel, which she liked so much, and the payment arrived: in a couple of days it was ready.

Carpe Diem

“I often find myself admiring every corner here. When you do something in your house, your life changes, I’m sure.” Since the pandemic, I have already graduated in interior design, offering online consulting for those who want to make a change in practice.

“I think it’s great to get away from the planned furniture and to be able to change the furniture, it changes the mood of the house. And my consultant takes quick fixes to improve the resident’s relationship with the house,” she says.

For her, simple changes like a drawing, a picture of nature or plants that go with a person’s lifestyle really help improve this relationship. “Many times we think that changing the entire decoration will make us happy, and that is not the point. We see beautiful houses, but without emotion, precisely for that reason”.

In the profile sehabitar, El, by João Pessoa, Paraíba, shows this interesting relationship between “living in the house”, knowing what the inhabitant fills and only thus filling the house.

Anna’s Tips for Personalizing the House

Do not be Afraid to Make Mistakes: “Get inspired by what works for you. Find what relates to you. If you make a mistake, fix it. The process of feeling able to do it is very good.”
Rate: “Organic shades at home are a good starting point. Then take new trips to make bigger changes. That way they give you a new look.”

Personalizing the House

Make Art: “Collect things of the same color and make an installation, for example. It gives new energy to the house.”
Crafts: choose what suits you best. “Local crafts are always essential to appreciate our culture, as well as giving it color and life.”

Play with Your Inner Child: “I have a hammock in the living room and every time people come here it becomes an attraction. I use it a lot, it takes away our stress in a few minutes. Plus, it saves our inner child.”

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