Isabella Shearer Boasts a Belly and Talks About Fluids After Twin Pregnancy: “It’s Okay or Plastic”

The actress Isabella Scherer, 26, showed on Instagram how big her belly is almost three months after giving birth to the twins Mel and Pinto.

On the social network, a follower of hers praised her for the way she dealt with her sagging abdomen, and she decided to make a video to talk about it.

“I see you wear your flabby tummy well. I almost died crying. Congratulations, you have developed very well”, said the follower.

“I’m a bit like that: What’s the point of being sad, complaining? Anything. The only thing I can do is wait, accept and, at the most, have plastic surgery.”

On the runway, Isabella also talked about her stretch marks. The influencer gave birth on August 29:

“I had stretch marks so late in my pregnancy and my tummy was so stretched out you couldn’t even see them. I only saw them when I pulled her together like this (gestures pressing her stomach) and after she was born. I’ve used every possible cream in the world, the better, and it didn’t help. That. And I drank a lot of water. I think I held up pretty well, because the size of my stomach was compared to my circumference. a small person. That’s all, no advice. Drink water and apply a lot of cream. I used the cream five times a day. It didn’t work.”

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