Jason David Frank, Power Rangers Actor, Dies at 49

Actor Jason David Frank, best known for playing Tommy the Green Ranger in “Power Rangers,” died Saturday at the age of 49.

The news of the death of Frank, who was also an MMA fighter, was reported by Mike Brunzolis, a trainer and friend of the actor. The cause of death was not disclosed and the artist’s social media was not disclosed.

Brunsoles said goodbye to his friend in a Facebook post. “My brother was ripped from another mom, Jason David Frank. I’m still in shock. He called me, left me a message and I took my time. Jason was a good friend of mine and I will miss him. Love and prayers for his wife Tammy and your children… I pray that you help them through this difficult time,” the coach wrote.

The artist is best known for his participation in Power Rangers, at the beginning of the series, in 1993. His character became so popular that he joined the show for five full seasons in the stable cast. In addition to guest appearances by him in three other seasons of the series, he was the captain of the Rangers in two 1990s movies.

Frank has already worn other colors of the character’s costume, such as red, white, and black. And he made a totally nostalgic appearance in 2017, in a reboot of the franchise.

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