Ketogenic diet: Is it safe? How should the menu be? What foods are allowed?

In the ketogenic diet, weight loss occurs by the body itself, which goes into a ketosis process, since the complex carbohydrates that are in foods such as bread and rice are eliminated from the menu, which causes the body to burn fat that you use as a source of energy, rather than sugar (also present in these types of food). With the body burning its own body fat, the weight loss process gets faster.

The method is proven and assists patients who are overweight, Truu Keto but not out there: with fat burning, patients with epilepsy, who are often victims of seizures, may see this unpleasant symptom decrease through the ketogenic diet. In this and in all other cases, of course, the medical follow-up of a nutritionist is indispensable for the total absorption of the results.

Interested in learning more about this diet, its benefits, risks and how it works? So keep reading this article and learn more!

How does the ketogenic diet work?

As we briefly stated at the beginning of this article, the ketogenic diet has its menu based on low or non-existent carbohydrate intake. After about three days just ingesting fats and proteins your body goes into ketosis, which means your body will stop using glucose as a source of energy and switch to using fat. The result of this is the accelerated burning of fat and consequently the weight loss.

This diet has become very popular recently, mainly thanks to the popularization of low carb diets. Keto Viante South Africa But in spite of arousing the interest of many people, it is important to mention that it may present health risks, since its menu is very restricted.


In the ketogenic diet you will have to give up foods that have high levels of complex carbohydrates like rice, pasta, potatoes, fruits, peas, beans, milk, breads, yogurts, crackers, biscuits, ice creams, chocolates and sweets. If you see that the cut can be punctual, or if your doctor suggests that you gradually let go of these foods, you will see that in the long run the result will be positive – and the carbohydrates really do not miss a beat.

In place of these high-carbohydrate alternatives, it is advisable to consume foods such as meat (red or not), sausage (ham, sausage, sausage, mortadella, sausage), egg, olive oil, butter, mayonnaise, teas and gelatins without sugar. That is: not everything will be a complete “torture” for those who have to let go of the delights that come with carbohydrates.

Before and after

We selected below some before and after pictures of some famous people who lost weight on the ketogenic diet. See how awesome the results are!

Anyone can do?

Although it seems simple, KetoViante South Africa the ketogenic diet is not for everyone: it is contraindicated for people over 65 and for people who have liver or kidney failure, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular problems. Those who do cortisone treatment should seek a nutritionist doctor so that he can prescribe the ketogenic diet in the right way.

This is because your menu is very restricted and some vitamins can end up being missed if the diet is done for a long period.

In addition, if you practice high intensity exercises, you should also be careful about the ketogenic diet, since one of its side effects is the fact that it leaves the body very weak, especially in the early days. It is also important to remember that exercise is extremely important for weight loss, so a good alternative to reconcile the ketogenic diet with exercise is to do it in cycles.

PDF on ketogenic diet

If you got here it is because you are probably interested in doing the ketogenic diet and mainly believes that it can provide several benefits to your health in addition to weight loss. Truu Keto For this reason, I’d like to recommend that you get to know the digital book “The Last Diet of Your Life,” a book that details all diet processes, how to do it right, who can do it, and everything else you need to know to get started. your. The book has this title because after you make the ketogenic diet, you will never again need to suffer from weight gain.

Currently the book is with an offer and is coming out for only 49.90. And to buy, just access the website.

Payment can be made on the credit card, where you can even install, or in the bank slip.

Results of the ketogenic diet

One of the biggest motivators of ketogenic diet is the fact that the results start to appear very fast, and this makes the person feel motivated to continue. According to the digital book “The last diet of your life”, in just three days you already feel the body swelling and in a week the results already begin to appear.

How do I know if I have ketosis?

You get to lose weight with the ketogenic diet when your body goes into ketosis process, Purefit Keto Diet UK which is what characterizes fat burning.

Your body gives some signs that you are entering this process, they are:

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Bad breath
  • Feeling of weakness
  • More frequent need to urinate
  • Frosty hands and feet
  • Taste in the mouth

The symptoms usually begin to appear after three days of your diet, and our tip is for you to watch your body so that you notice how it is reacting to the new menu.

Can the ketogenic diet cause diarrhea?

Quite the opposite! Due to low fiber intake, the ketogenic diet can cause constipation. To dodge KetoViante South Africa problem, one option is to eat more vegetables or even start supplementation with a substance that acts on the proper functioning of the intestine.

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