Essential in the construction of muscle mass, several laboratories have already launched their respective versions of maltodextrin: a supplement that consists basically of a safe source of carbohydrate and guarantees energy so that the athlete both can execute the exercise as it recovers the energies and avoids the catabolism after performing it. Today we will explain exactly what maltodextrin is, what it is for and how it acts. Before you start consuming it, find a nutritionist.

Pre and post workout

Depending on the athlete’s exercise routine, Life Nutra Keto maltodextrin can be used as pre and post workout or just post workout. For example, if the athlete wishes to face a long time of intense aerobic exercise, such as running for an hour, he should consume the supplement before and after the activity. In the case of those who work, the ideal is to use maltodextrin after exercise to recover energy and prevent catabolism – this is a process where, in the absence of glucose, the body begins to synthesize the muscle cells for energy. It is for this very reason that it is not healthy to exercise fasting, since you will only lose muscle mass instead of losing weight.

In addition, Life Nutra Keto Reviews is important to be guided about the consumption of this supplement by a specialist, who will define the dose on account of their physical profile and goals. Eating maltodextrin without your spending through exercise can lead to weight gain. This supplement can be combined with others, such as whey protein and albumin, to ensure maximum performance, since carbohydrates facilitate the penetration of proteins into muscle cells.

Complex carbohydrate x Simple carbohydrate

The basic difference between a complex carbohydrate and a simple carbohydrate is in its structure. While the simple carbohydrate has a poorly complex structure and is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream in the form of glucose, the complex carbohydrate, as the name suggests, has a more intricate structure, meaning that its breakdown and absorption occur more slowly. While simple carbohydrate can be found in foods like honey, dairy products and so on, maltodextrin is the source specifically of complex carbohydrates.

Hepatic glycogen x Muscle glycogen

When our body is in a state of hyperglycemia, that is, the rate of blood sugar increases, Life Nutra Keto the body sees this situation as an opportunity to store this glucose for when our body needs it. This is especially the case in muscles, which need energy so that we can move normally. The glucose is then synthesized and stored in the muscle cells. Meanwhile, brain cells can not run out of energy, or the body will suffer afterwards. That is why, in the liver, there is another glycogen reserve, separated for that purpose. The consumption of maltodextrin before the training promotes glucose for its accomplishment and after the training, it restores the reserves of sugar in the muscular cells.

Different tastes

As well as slimming shakes, maltodextrin can be added flavoring and flavoring giving them different flavors. It is up to the athlete to choose which one they like best or to stick with the traditional flavor.

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