Not Just High Blood Pressure And Cholesterol: Obesity Can Also Affect an Important Step in Life

More and more couples are having trouble conceiving a child naturally. If they resort to experts, the problem that prevents it will be sought. To the surprise of many, extra pounds may be to blame!

How are obesity and the futile attempt to conceive a child related? There are several links. We asked specialists in gynecology, endocrinology and infertility treatment how extra kilos affect conception, pregnancy and the health of the baby.

Infertility Treatment After a Year of Trying

Infertility affects approximately 15% of couples in the Czech Republic. Couples should seek help if they are unable to conceive within twelve months of regular intercourse. “If a woman is over 33 years old, she should seek help after about six months of fruitless efforts,” advises Kateřina Veselá, director of the Repromeda Reproduction Clinic. For men, the age limit is not so important, but even for them the years cannot be completely ignored. Obese couples should seek professional help as soon as possible. why?

Pregnancy and Birth

Do not look for a problem with the genitals, a pregnancy problem can also be responsible for immunity

What is the relationship between infertility and obesity?

Although it is not talked about as much, being overweight, but especially obesity, is an important cause of problems during pregnancy. “Overweight women have a reduced ability to conceive because they experience hormonal changes. The probability of infertility due to anovulatory interruption also increases with an increase in BMI: for women with a BMI greater than 30, the probability of ovulation increases by 300 percent. Unfortunately, the IVF success rate also decreases, up to 25 percent in obese women and 50 percent in very obese women,” explains Claudia Halova Karoliova, a specialist in diabetes, endocrinology and obesity that works with the Tloustneme portal Calculate your BMI!

What is ovulation? A condition in which ovulation does not occur. Obese women do produce more estrogen, but without proper maturation of the eggs. They also tend to have higher levels of the male s3x hormones androgens and testosterone. Ultimately, this leads to ovulation disorders: without it, the egg will not be released, and therefore fertilization is not possible.

Obesity Increases the Risk of Birth Defects

An obese woman is also more likely to have complications such as miscarriage, gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, low birth weight, or the need for a C-section. As BMI increases, so does the risk of birth defects in the baby: for extremely obese mothers, the risk is more than a third higher than for women of normal weight. These data come from a Swedish study that examined more than one million births and was published in the BMJ journal.

How Much Weight Should You Lose Due To Pregnancy?

If an obese woman wants to increase her chances of getting pregnant, she must reduce her weight by at least 5 to 10 percent. “Each BMI unit above 30 significantly reduces the chances of a successful pregnancy and also increases the risk of miscarriage early in pregnancy. But one can simply say that each BMI unit lower means higher and higher chances. Even just losing weight means in a lot Often an increase in the chances of conception, a problem-free pregnancy and a healthy delivery, ”says Otpan Budka from the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Thomayr Hospital in Prague and the GEO Ambulance.

How Does Male Obesity Affect The Chance of Pregnancy?

Weight problems are more common in men. Could it be a problem to get pregnant in this case too? “Obese men not only have poorer sperm quality, but also have less desire to conceive naturally. This is just a fact. Therefore, even a man should seek professional help very soon,” says Ottoban Budka. . For obese men, the problem is a decrease in the testosterone level and an increase in the estrogen level, as well as a decrease in sperm production and an increase in sperm abnormalities, which greatly complicates conception. The good news is that losing weight here also changes hormone levels and, in most cases, improves sperm count results and increases the chances of pregnancy.

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