Plants are a Natural Remedy Against Stress and Insomnia. Do you know Which One to Choose?

It is 2022 and many people are working from home, in the remote model or, after the flexibility in contracting in the face of the pandemic, in the new scheme seen as a combination: the office once or twice a week and working from home the rest of the time.

But, in recent years, it has also been proven that -although there are advantages- these new work modalities can also be very challenging, given that the usual stress in the workplace ends up at home, where people have to take refuge. and reference of peace and welcome. So it seems that relaxation is getting harder and harder.

But can you count on a little help from nature in trying to make the office, and even other home environments, more balanced and less stressful? According to architect, feng shui consultant, and energy botanist Thaleta Kona, the answer is yes.

According to her, bringing a few specific plants into the house can help ease daily stress.

“Green Jiboia is ideal for those who work a lot and need to stop and sleep better. Caladium (or Tinhorão) is in charge of bringing lightness and tranquility”, she says.

Another recommendation is Peace Lily, a plant that is easy to grow and highly recommended for less experienced gardeners, as it attracts harmony, peace and tranquility and calms irritability. The philodendron, according to the specialist, in addition to being prolific, also brings relaxation to the environment.

Those with communication difficulties can bet they put Pelea Peperomioides on the workbench. “It helps with communication, openness and with a calm and understandable speech,” says Thalita.

“All the plants mentioned can be used at home or in the work environment. In addition, we have Maranta Pavão, which exudes lightness and concentration, and Peperômia Caperata, which imparts mental clarity, helping to absorb moments of stress.”

Sleep Balance

With the stress and anxiety affecting people these days, sleeping can also be quite a challenge. And in the bedroom, the presence of some plants can also make a difference:

“Green Jiboia, Bambu da Sorte, Lambari Roxo, Monstera deliciosa (Adam’s rib) or Mini Monstera (Rhaphidophora tetrasperma) are best suited to release a vibratory field of calm and harmony.”

Calming Plants

The power of plants can be used not only to decorate and balance the energy of environments, but also – as the grandmothers say – “to calm the nerves” in the form of tea.

The plants, which are used in teas and infusions with the aim of freeing you from the routine of a stressful day, can be consumed in a kind of self-care moment.

“Basil tea or infusion increases feelings of happiness and good humor. The Picão Negro helps to see life more simply and attracts peace. Marapuama is indicated to combat fatigue and stress, since it helps concentration and meditation”, explains Talita.

According to her, investing in flavors and incense with star anise extracts can also help make the environment smarter and reduce daily stress.

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