Proper Detoxification Will Burn Toxins From The Body.

A detox is supposed to help us remove toxins from the body, lose weight, and increase our general well-being. We will tell you how to detox properly.

Did you eat, drink or party a lot? Are you tired, your digestion is not working well and your skin is not completely clean? Then it’s time to infuse yourself with an extra helping of energy with a detox! Detoxification is a combination of eating a healthy diet and relaxing, so that the body can get rid of toxic and harmful substances. Under normal circumstances, various organs (the liver, kidneys, intestines, and skin) help expel toxins. However, detox advocates believe it is essential to help rid the body of toxins .

How to Properly Detoxify the Body

During a detox, you completely give up foods that increase acidity in your body for a while, such as meat, cheese, white flour, sweets, alcohol, coffee, and also green tea. Instead, healthy foods that support the removal of acidity from the body will appear on your menu. This includes, for example, fruits and vegetables, preferably in the form of juices, potatoes, nuts and muesli. The basis for detoxification is a large amount of liquid – water or herbal tea. But you can also find special detoxification products on the market. Ideally, a detox course lasts from seven to 14 days, but it is possible to treat yourself to a detox weekend .

Tips for a Perfect Detox Day

Lemon Water After Waking Up

Lemon water is always good, but especially as a warm drink shortly after waking up. The vitamins, minerals, and nutrients present in lemon stimulate your brain and strengthen your immune system .

Regular Movement

With regular exercise and sports, you support your metabolism. The secretion of sweat contributes to the excretion of toxins through the skin. Therefore, vigorous physical activity has a tremendous detoxifying effect and is much more effective than sweating in a sauna.

Broccoli as a Powerful Weapon

Broccoli contains a large amount of antioxidants, enzymes and nutrients that help the digestive system. Thanks to this, the consumption of this vegetable increases the production of I3C, which can effectively fight cancer, thus reducing the risk of cancer .

Brush Once Around

A quarter of the toxins that carry our body are eliminated by our largest organ, the skin, every day. And if you massage your skin, you will only enhance this effect. Because the better our lymphatic system is, the faster our body will get rid of toxins.

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