Significant Advances Have been Made in the Treatment of Baldness.

What wigs and wigs? So it is possible that she has already rung the doorbell. Scientists have begun growing living hair follicles in the laboratory. Was there a definitive solution to baldness?

Jason Statham, Bruce Willis, Dwayne Johnson, Michael Jordan, and Vin Diesel. What do these guys have in common? This can be seen at first glance: a maintenance-free hairstyle. Thanks to him, they regularly occupy winning positions in the rankings of the s3xiest and most attractive celebrities. Professional studies confirm that the bare skull is very s3xy.

The Comb as an Unnecessary Tool

Someone might see the lack of hair as a big drawback, but when it comes to flirting, it’s more of an advantage. Numerous surveys have already indicated that women perceive bald men as successful, strong, masculine, responsible and in control, not lacking in intelligence, self-sufficiency and responsibility. Since the background of a receding man is an increase in the s3x hormone testosterone , a shiny scalp also promises passionate evenings, which is another piece of this attractive puzzle. Despite the fact that baldness has undeniable advantages, its treatment has occupied scientists for several decades. We are now witnessing a breakthrough!

When Someone Has a Million Dollar Idea

Hair follicles are the tissue that surrounds the hair and from which the hair also grows. So it is clear that all the action related to excessive hair loss begins and ends here, in the hair follicle. How wonderful to grow it artificially. And maybe in the future you should try to transplant it! It may sound like a story from a sci-fi movie, but that’s exactly what Japanese scientists have been telling themselves lately. And not only that! In fact, they were able to grow hair follicles in a petri dish, as reported by Science Advances . Among other things, this journal reports that laboratory hairs reached 3 mm in diameter in 23 days. Although this innovative research has been carried out in mice, it is already planned to be carried out with human cells, so the experts once again take a step forward in the treatment of baldness.

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