Some Parts of the Body do not Enjoy Frequent Cleaning

Do you use cotton swabs in your ears? This error can backfire on you. The same goes if you don’t have dental floss and an interdental brush. What about washing your hands, which should take 20 seconds?

We have been hearing that cleanliness is half of health since childhood. There is probably no person who does not come across this persistent saying! Therefore, we all follow the principles of hygiene, because we want to get rid of not only dirt, but also the dangers of various diseases. And how are we? It is not glory, they say, and the experts do not spare criticism. Where do we go wrong most often?

Cotton Buds are Bad for My Ears

Without a doubt, cotton swabs are the most used tool to clean the ears. They cost a few crowns, are easy to handle and can be found in every home. But we don’t get high praise for them, folks. It’s a big problem with these sticks because they can be very dangerous. Earwax and wax build up in the ears for a reason. When we try to remove it with cotton swabs, we tend to push it further into the eardrum, exposing ourselves to the risk of ear canal obstruction and hearing loss. As for cleaning, then with the help of special drops .

Teeth Ask for Dental Floss

Now, let’s be real: do you floss, or do you just floss and stick to your dental hygiene? Brushing the surface is only half the care needed. If you don’t floss and clean between your teeth, you’re keeping more harmful bacteria in your mouth that eat away at tooth enamel and cause cavities . what do i say…

Take Your Time When Washing Your Hands

hand cleaning. What could be the problem here? Too much haste. According to common recommendations, this process should take at least 20 seconds. The space between the fingers, wrists and nails should be treated with soapy water. And what about the places under the rings! There, germs tend to accumulate more than enough .

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