The Brazilian Who Married 8 Women is Looking for New Wives After 4 Divorces

The Brazilian model and influencer known as Arthur O Urso gained prominence when he built a mansion in João Pessoa (PB) to live with his eight wives. Now the 37-year-old has divorced four out of eight women and is open to meeting and marrying new women.

According to Arthur in an interview with the British newspaper The Daily Star, the quarrels that led to the separation began with the reaction of society. In August of this year, he woke up in the mist-painted mansion, with slogans calling them “Devil’s Family” and ordering them out. Concerns about neighbors have damaged the relationship.

“The little arguments became more frequent and we came to a mutual separation agreement. We ended things peacefully. We each said what we felt, and that’s what free love should be.”
Now, Arthur the Bear claims that he hopes to find new companions. “I don’t know when it will happen or if I’ll get married again, but I want more women. Also, I have a huge house with a huge bed that needs to be occupied.”

In an interview with Splash in August of this year, Arthur explained how he was able to handle the routine of having sex with his wives. He had a symbolic wedding with the women in November 2021, celebrated by an anonymous Catholic priest.

“I tried to make a schedule so that I could follow exactly, to make it easier for me, but it ended up being a disaster. Sometimes I wanted to be with one person and think of another.”

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