The Couple of William And Kate Feel Very Much in the United States, and There’s a Reason for That: Find it Out

The Prince and Princess of Wales have strategy, fashion, in action.

William and Catherine arrived in the United States on Wednesday (30) for their first international trip after the death of Queen Elizabeth II and the three pairs of looks seen in just 24 hours are already sending an important message about how the new generation of British royalty. is dealing with crises.

Before getting into fashion, it’s important to understand the context of the couple’s appearances, which arrive in Boston after the loss of the most beloved member of the family by the general public. Both have a mission in Boston: to promote the Earthshot Prize, an award that both created in 2021 to support projects and initiatives that fight climate change.

Shortly before what the British media consider one of the flags of modern kings, and probably more politically active and less formal, the Windsor house was again the subject of accusations of racism, the second after the departure of Harry and Meghan. , the Duke and Duchess of Sussex of the United Kingdom.

Activist Ngozi Fulani quoted a senior member of the court, identified by newspapers such as the Metro as Dame Susan Hase, William’s godmother and one of the ladies who plan events at the palace, in a tirade on social media, what he said afterwards she being harassed in Buckingham, where she questioned her The Baroness repeatedly questioned whether she Ngozi was really British because she was black.

Intentional Choice

Faced with this new scandal, nothing more natural than noticing the attitude of the couple. William and Catherine used more than body language, as noted by Vogue America. “Looking at their virtually matching outfits, it seems the couple wants to send a message of togetherness and strength,” the report says.

Both bet on shades of dark blue. While Kate opted for a fitted cropped off-the-shoulder jacket over a turtleneck and skinny pants, William donned a matching dark suit with an indigo blue tie, as seen at the top above.

However, this was not the only look that the Prince and Princess of Wales used to convey this message. The two have once again invested in combining shades of blue to accompany Boston Celtics game night. The production was almost simultaneous with the prince’s spokesman revealing to the Metro newspaper his position on the issue of racism at Buckingham Palace.

She replied: “I was very disappointed to hear about our guest’s experience at Buckingham Palace last night. Such comments were unacceptable. It is only right that the person in question should resign immediately. I was clearly not there, but racism has no place in our society”. William.

New Double

On Thursday (1) morning, the heir-to-the-throne couple went to visit a start-up doing environmental work in Somerville, Massachusetts, and turned up again toned, wearing his burgundy jacket to match hers.

The selections still speak volumes about the Prince and Princess of Wales’s new approach to their work and, above all, how they speak to the legacy of former incumbents King Charles III and Princess Diana, other admirers of wearing fashion. . as a form of speech.

If they are concerned with reinforcing William’s mother’s charitable and politically correct tone, they don’t seem willing to repeat the cycle of disagreements and strategic divisions that plagued the former couple during his tenure.

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