The Human Mind Is Hard To Love Fat Carbohydrate Combo

Ketozin NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – A new study suggests that fast food and processed foods lead to deeper instincts in the human brain that are likely to overeat.

According to the researchers, these modern foods, high in fat and carbohydrates, produce a higher “reward” signal than foods that contain the most fat or most carbohydrates.

As a result, these foods capture the body’s signals that govern food consumption, said lead researcher Dana Small, director of Yale’s Center for Dietetics and New Physiology.

“These foods that contain fat and carbohydrates cheat this old mechanism, so the response is too large to be the amount of energy that actually exists,” said Small. “It’s more powerful than it should be.”

Forskolin Keto Cycle It has been known for some time that the digestive tract sends signals to the brain that govern if you feel hungry or full.

However, new research suggests that fats and carbohydrates can send these signals through separate pathways to the brain, which could create a common effect, Smol said.

“We were wondering if this would not be the case if you had foods that contained fats and carbohydrates, they could be more useful than foods that contain calories that contain fats or carbohydrates,” Small said.

This is a particular problem for modern humanity and perhaps an explanation for the twin epidemics of obesity and diabetes, he said.

“In the modern food environment, the vast majority of foods are rich in fat and carbohydrates,” said Small. “In nature, these types of foods do not exist … Actually, you can not find foods that contain high amounts of fats and carbohydrates.”

Ardor Keto Diet In this study, participants were evaluated for cerebral palsy while showing images of familiar snacks.

Small sandwiches were high in carbohydrates (lollipops or sweets), high in fat (meatballs or cheese) or high in both (cakes or pies), Small said.

Participants were asked to “bid” for foods that preferred to use real money and told them that if they won the auction they would be allowed to eat the food they chose, Smol said.

The researchers said that participants were willing to pay more for those foods that combined fats and carbohydrates.

In addition, the researchers found that foods that contained a group of fatty carbohydrates illuminated the nervous circuits in the brain as the person’s favorite food, foods that seemed sweeter or more energy-intensive, or foods that came in larger quantities, according to the researchers.

“What’s surprising is that not only do more calories equal more rewards,” said Small.

The researchers also found clear differences in people’s ability to estimate calories from foods that were high in fat or carbohydrates.

“People were good at estimating the amount of calories that contained fat, but they were terrible at estimating the amount of calories in foods other than carbohydrates,” said Small. “When the sums, can not give an accurate estimate.”

Dr. Mitchell Roslyn, head of obesity surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York, says the results are in line with suggestions that sandwiches such as flakes are designed to move their buttons and contain “the right combination of fat, carbohydrates and salt. ” City of york

“This study shows that the body has limited sensory abilities when enough is enough and why the whole bag is eaten,” Roslin said. “The bottom line is that we have to be educated consumers, we must make appropriate decisions and we can not allow our hunger and fullness to guide us.”

Masha Davis, nutritionist and nutritionist based in Los Angeles, urges her customers to avoid these incentives by keeping healthy snacks nearby that contain carbohydrates and fats, such as nuts or a mixture of jams or bars containing nuts and dried fruits.

“You get fat and carbohydrates and that’s what you like so you do not fall into the temptation of junk or processed food,” Davis said. “We may still have some cave directions, but we no longer live in a cave man’s scene where it was a feast or a famine, and sometimes there were not many options.”

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